The Magic Booster 12K is an extreme handcraft adapter, starting from the base of an original Blackmagic EF mount.
It is a product made for professional users, designed for Ursa mini Pro 12K and work fine on Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G1, G2 and new Broadcast G2!
- Real full frame look

- increase DOF

- 1 stop light more

- UV-IR filter included

Excellent sharpness starting from F1.4


Fitting third-party lenses with rear protruding metal parts may damage the product.

The installation of the product requires the removal of the original IR filter, this can invalidate the warranty of the camera.

We recommend that you rely on a specialized technician for the installation of our products.

Camera are not included.

Magic Booster® Pro 12K EF

€ 1.199,00 Prezzo regolare
€ 899,25Prezzo in saldo